Volkswagen/Audi VAS6150B/C


The VAS 6150B and 6150C are complete PC based diagnostic systems for VW and Audi vehicles. They utilize a Bluetooth/USB VCI (vehicle communication interface), the VAS 5054A, to connect to the vehicle and perform guided diagnostics.

Model Year Coverage

1998 – Current

PC Requirements (for reprogramming interface only)

VAS 6150B (CF-52) or 6150C Panasonic CF-53 Toughbook with custom Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit

Software License

VW/Audi VAS tools with VAS-PC require both Base and Brand software installed and current to operate. Annual software disc (ODIS) is $750 and includes reprogramming. (will be transitioning away from DVDs to Software download in 2016) Reprogramming requires no additional registration and no extra charge.

Users must have a separate subscription and license for each brand that they choose to work on (one for VW and one for Audi). Each can be purchased separately. Bentley and Lamborghini are available but must be installed on separate hardware due to their unique licensing requirements

Product Feature Set

The feature set for the OE tool is provided to allow comparison with other tools intended for this brand of vehicle. This will allow you to determine which features will satisfy your particular needs. Keep in mind that many of the tools that you will be comparing are intended for multiple vehicle lines. After-market tool manufacturers choose their own feature sets for the target market they serve. Ratings and comments are subjective and the opinion of their authors. Please do not rate a tool that you have never used. These reviews will be monitored. Comments that appear to be derogatory rather than honest feedback will be removed.

Diagnostic Functionality VAS6150B/C
DTC Code Retrieval
Retrieve OE DTC with code Definition X
Link DTC to service information X
Vehicle Self-Diagnosis (VSD) X
Guided Fault Finding X
Guided Functions X
Vehicle Self Diagnosis (VSD)
VAS Diagnostic systems can perform global system interrogation using Vehicle Self-Diagnosis. After selecting Vehicle Self-Diagnosis, the various diagnostic functions available on the vehicle system are interrogated during the communication process between the VAS diagnosis system and the vehicle. 2005 and later vehicles equipped with the J533 network interface display only the diagnostic functions available for that specific vehicle All diagnostic functions available on the tester will be displayed for earlier vehicles without a data bus diagnostic interface.
Interrogate Fault Memory X
Final Control Diagnosis X
Basic Settings X
Erase Fault Memory X
End Output X
Code control unit coding sub-bus system X
Read Measured Value Block (MVR) X
Adaptation X
Coding X
Readiness code display X
Access permission enabling X
J533 Vehicle Functions
Collection Services X
Gateway-Installation List X
Guided Fault Finding

Guided Fault Finding facilitates clearing DTCs as well as the elimination of confirmed-complaints. The user is guided in this task and has numerous aids available, as required.

Process is as follows: Vehicle Identification > Module Interrogation > Flash reprogramming (if needed) > Display DTC > System Generates Test Plan > System guides user through functional tests.

Guided Functions

Guided functions provide quick access to every day operations and allow the user to bypass testing the entire system

Erase fault memory (except for engine) GFF needed for that X
Assistance when replacing Control Modules X
Coding and configuring Control Modules X
Reading Measuring Value Blocks X
Reading general system descriptions X
Performing component tests on electronic systems X
Reading fault memory entries X
Does not generate diagnostic logs, (only available in Guided Fault Finding) X