Volvo VIDA diagnostic system


Welcome to the new VIDA. Several years of development have been put into this new workshop application. We have incorporated feedback from our users, as well as made changes to accommodate our future vehicles. VIDA 2015 has an extensive HELP section which can be reached at any time simply by hitting the “F1” button on your keyboard.

VIDA 2015 is 100% internet based, which means you will always have the most current information at your fingertips. Changes and corrections can be applied with a much shorter lead time.

  • Volvo Standard Time (VST) information is integrated into VIDA
  • Starting with XC90, fault tracing will be displayed and shown in a ranked order
  • Wiring Diagrams will be an integrated part of the repair process

So install VIDA 2015 and explore the great changes and improvements of this new workshop application.

Model Year Coverage

  • OBD II vehicles DiCe or J2534-2
  • D2 and GGD protocol-based vehicles require DiCE
  • 2004 Up for reprogramming via J2534-1

PC Requirements:

Find the requirements here

Subscription includes the following VIDA components

  • Electronic Parts Catalog
  • Electronic Service Information
  • Vehicle Diagnostics and Fault Tracing Application
  • Vehicle Software Download Application
  • Volvo Service Bulletins
  • Volvo Technical Journals
  • Online Wiring Diagrams 1994-onward

Software License

After purchasing your Subscription through the Volvo Tech Info website STORE, please follow the steps below to install VIDA 2015. If you are a FIRST time buyer, you must wait for an email (could take up to two hours) containing your permanent User ID and a temporary password that needs to be reset, along with a security question for future reference (if you have purchased before you will have your User ID and password already from your prior purchase). You must follow the directions in the email to reset the temporary password. You should NOT try to log into VIDA or WSLX without first changing this password. After this is done you can follow the steps below to activate the subscription.

  • Login to computer with Administrator rights.
  • In Internet Explorer, enter the URL
  • Select “Run” VIDASetup.exe in order to download and install VIDASetup.exe Follow the instructions on the screen in order to complete the installation.
  • Select the shortcut for VIDA 2015 that becomes available on the desktop after above installation is finished.
  • Select “Install” when a window is shown with the option Install. The installation of the VIDA Application will now start. 
The login window to VIDA will be shown when the installation is finished.

  • Select “Registration Guide for Subscription” at the VIDA login screen. A guide how to register the computer is opened in a separate window.
Follow the guide in order to complete the registration.
The guide consists of three steps:
    • User ID authentication
    • Linking to a subscription
    • Reviewing and confirming the registration.
  • • The computer now needs to be approved in VIDA Admin before it will be possible to login to VIDA. The approval needs to be carried out by the “VIDA Administrator” (YOU) The computer is approved in VIDA Admin under the tab “DEVICE” When you open the DEVICE tab, click on DEVICE NAME. At this point you are not able to see the entire page (You need to adjust the VIEW on your computer). GO TO: VIEW/ZOOM/75% (or smaller) SO YOU CAN SEE THE ENTIRE PAGE FOR APPROVAL.

Click on the dropdown box and change from Registered to Approved (If there is not a Registered computer you must go back to Step 6 and Register). Then hit SAVE on the bottom of the page

Product Feature Set

DTC Code Retrieval
Retrieve OE DTC with code Definition X
Link DTC to service information X
Vehicle Self-Diagnosis (VSD) X
Guided Fault Finding X
Guided Functions X
Vehicle Self-Diagnosis (VSD)
VAS Diagnostic systems can perform global system interrogation using Vehicle Self-Diagnosis. After selecting Vehicle Self-Diagnosis, the various diagnostic functions available on the vehicle system are interrogated during the communication process between the VAS diagnosis system and the vehicle. 2005 and later vehicles equipped with the J533 network interface display only the diagnostic functions available for that specific vehicle All diagnostic functions available on the tester will be displayed for earlier vehicles without a data bus diagnostic interface.
Interrogate Fault Memory X
Final Control diagnosis X
Basic Settings X
Erase fault memory X
End output X
Code control unit coding sub-bus system X
Read Measured Value Block (MVR) X
Adaptation X
Coding X
Readiness code display X
Access permission enabling X
J533 vehicle functions
Collection services
Gateway-Installation List
Guided Fault Finding
Guided Fault Finding facilitates clearing DTCs as well as the elimination of confirmed-complaints. The user is guided in this task and has numerous aids available, as required. Process is as follows: Vehicle Identification>Module Interrogation>Flash reprogramming (if needed)>Display DTC> System Generates Test Plan> System guides user through functional tests
Guided Functions
Guided functions provide quick access to every day operations and allow the user to bypass testing the entire system
Erase fault memory (except for engine) GFF needed for that X
Assistance when replacing Control Modules X
Coding and configuring Control Modules X
Reading Measuring Value Blocks X
Reading general system descriptions X
Performing component tests on electronic systems X
Reading fault memory entries X
Does not generate diagnostic logs, (only available in Guided Fault Finding)