Mazda Integrated Diagnostic Tool


The Mazda IDS and VCM II provides complete diagnostic coverage ofcurrent and future Mazda vehicles. This includes module reprogramming, key programming, and other functions. This is the same tool used by Mazda dealerships with the same level of functionality.

The IDS is a PC based Scan Tool that utilizes a USB equipped PC. The tool provides a touchscreen interface when used with the recommended Panasonic tough book but can be used with most Intel based laptops. The VCM II is wireless as shipped but can be used with a USB cable.

Model Year Coverage

All OBDII vehicles

PC Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Professional – 32/64-Bit
  • Processor: Intel Core – Intel Core i3-4010U Processor (1.7GHz, 3M cache)
  • Memory: 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3L Memory
  • Hard Drive: 500GB (5400rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive
  • Optical Drive: 8x DVD

Software License

Mazda IDS requires a software license that renews Jan 1 each year. If you wish to purchase during the calendar year pro-rated pricing is published at the beginning of each quarter. More information here.

Product Feature Set

VCM Required VMM Required
Self Test (DTC Code Retrieval)
Retrieve CMDTC’s (Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes) All vehicle modules X
KOEO (Key-On-Engine-Off) X
KOER (Key-On-Engine-Running) X
Data Logger
Body X
Chassis X
Electrical X
Powertrain X
Pressure/Vacuum Tests X X
Network Test
Module Programming
Programmable Module Installation X
Module Reprogramming X
Programmable Parameters X
Body Tools
PATS (Passive Anti-theft System) Functions X
Factory Keyless Entry Code X
Remote Keyless Entry X
Restraints (supplemental restraints and seat belts) X
Chassis Tools
ABS Service Bleed X
IVD Initialization Sequence X
Ride Height Calibration X
Pneumatic Test X
Accurate Trim Test X
Electrical Tools
Charging System Test X X
Parking Aid Switch Test X
Audio X
Powertrain Tools
Fuel Economy Test X
Fuel System Test/Relative Injector Flow Test (IDS – Some vehicles require only VCM) X X
Ignition System Test X X
Spark Duration PIDs X
Power Balance Test X
Relative Compression Test X
Transmission Test (IDS – Some vehicles require only VCM) X X
Engine Checks and OBD Tests (Drive Cycle, Mode 01, Mode 06 & Mode 09) X
EGR Test X
Other Powertrain tests & functions X
Digital Multimeter
Basic DMM functions (Volts, resistance, frequency) X
Current measurements (50 Amps/500 Amps) X
Pressure/Vacuum measurements with PVT X
Oscilloscope Tools
Oscilloscope X
Alternator ripple X
COP (Coil-On-Plug) stress test X