Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Fiat NA – wiTech


The wiTech scan tool/diagnostic software is a PC based diagnostic system for Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and North American Fiat vehicles. wiTech utilizes a Vehicle Communication interface (VCI) to connect the vehicle to the PC and through the specially configured internet access point to perform diagnostics, reprogramming and security functions.

Model Year Coverage

This tool is used for a variety of years but NEEDS to be used on all vehicle utilizing CAN operations. These start with the 2004 Dakota’s and Durango’s and continue through the progressing years with 300’s and Cherokee’s in 2005, Nitro’s in 2006 and many Jeep’s in 2007 and newer. More details here:

Included DRB III emulator will work with most 1998 and up vehicles. More details can be found here:

PC Requirements

wiTech strongly suggests you use the Panasonic CF-53 with Windows 7. Other PC based laptops will work fine. Network must have a band of dedicated ip addresses for devices on the gateway.

Recommended Package

  • Intel Core i7 at 2.7GHz or better 32 or 64 bit
  • USB 2.0 (or better) ports
  • 80GB Hard drive space
  • 4GB ram
  • Windows 7 Professional 32 or 64bit
  • Internet Explorer 9 or newer
  • Wireless internet access 802.11g

Chrysler provides assistance with purchase and setup of your equipment. To begin the purchase process, begin here:

To begin a purchase call the number in this document and wiTech support will register you to use the website. You will then be able to view the available tools and subscriptions and place an order online.

Purchasing and setting up the wiTech is not a one day process. You should expect it to take several business days to receive the tool, perform online setup requirements, install equipment and work with wiTech support to configure your gateway and software.

More information about the tool here:

Software license

  • wiTech $1300/year
  • wiTech LITE $500/year
  • Additional VCI $285
  • Tech Authority License required for reprogramming and many other features
  • $35/ 3 days
  • $250/ 30 days
  • $1800/year

WiTech functionality requires a current installation of both Base operating systems and the Brand (Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, Dodge)specific software.

Special Notes:

Training is done via PDF’s and video’s from WiTech on their site. Otherwise, WiTech does NOT offer technical support. Extensive knowledgebase is located at:

Product Feature Set

DTC Code Retrieval
Retrieve OE DTC with code Definition X
Link DTC to service information X
Customizable PID display X
Retrieve and display Mode 6 Data X
Data Logging
Body X
Chassis X
Electrical X
Powertrain X
Pressure/Vacuum Tests
Bi-Directional tests
Body X
Chassis X
Electrical X
Powertrain X
Network Tests
Network Topography X
Module Programming
Programmable Module Installation (PMI) procedures X
Module Reprogramming (Reflash) X
Coding X
Supplemental restraints initialization X
Programmable Parameters ( ability to change in service settings i.e., tire size, personality, customer convenience etc. X
Body Controls
Anti-theft System Functions X
Remote Keyless Entry X
Factory Keyless Entry Code X
Restraints (supplemental restraints and seat belts) X
Chassis Tools
ABS Service Bleed X
ABS/ Brake system functions X
IVD Initialization Sequence
Ride Height Calibration ( for vehicles with pneumatic or hydraulic ride height controls)
Tire pressure monitor functions X
Cruise Control System tests X
Electronic Ride control X
Electrical Tools
Charging System Tests X
Parking Aid Tests X
Audio X
Powertrain Tools
Force monitors to run
Fuel Economy Test
Fuel System Test/Relative Injector Flow Test X
Bi-directional control of fuel components X
Bi-directional Ignition System control X
Power Balance Test X
Relative Compression Test X
Transmission bi-directional Tests X
Engine Checks and OBD Tests (Drive Cycle, Mode 01, Mode 06 & Mode 09) X
EGR Test X
Digital Multimeter
Basic DMM functions
Current measurements (50 Amps/500 Amps)
Pressure/Vacuum measurements
Oscilloscope Tools
Alternator ripple
COP (Coil-On-Plug) stress test